Obituary for a Tree

I remember the storm. The thunder was so loud, I almost fell out of bed (the couch I fell asleep on). The house was so old, the walls so thin. I thought someone was breaking in to my apartment, trying to steal all my stuff (the trash and coffee cups that the lightning illuminated all over my living room floor). The next morning, I woke up to find this dramatic video on my alma mater’s Twitter feed:

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Make Sure Your Teacher isn’t Allergic to the Wood

Maybe I should have paid more attention in that lecture when Ron said it was the only wood he was allergic to. Maybe I should have done a little bit of research before I bought it. Maybe I should have noticed all those websites that list it as an irritant that causes nausea, headaches, and has nervous system effects. Maybe thats why all of that 8/4 makore was on sale.

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