Maple Coffee Cart

Another table, another pile of wood.

The plans for the table was a 3′ x 3′ x 3′ table/coffee cart to add to the Little Window.

The first step was figuring out the joints.  It took a few exploded drawings, with unintelligible handwriting, and several models to make sure everything would line up.

Then glue. A lot of glue. Eight panel glue-ups until everything was ready. Next was figuring out how to get dados in these large pieces. Slapping them onto a table saw was not something I looked forward to. One shopping spree later and I had an adapter that attached my router to my track saw track. And my life has been forever changed for the better.

After a lot of dust and chip, everything lined up quite nicely. Rabbits secured the back in place, with a dado down the middle of the back and sides holding the shelf. Large mortises in the bottom and top hold the upright posts in place. They hold the sliding doors in place.

The holes for the condiment trays in the top were cut out with a jig saw then flush trimmed with the trusty router.

This little fella was a bit heavy to flip when put together so I decided to pre-finish all of the pieces before assembly.  Since it was going to spend a lot of time outside, the body got some hefty coats of polyurethane and the top recieved a few coats of epoxy.

The doors were cut to fit last, just incase things didn’t line up perfectly square. A final touch of wax in the track to help them slide, and they were good to go.

I final bit of chalkboard paint, some stainless steel hardware, and it’s coffee time!