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Weeping Beech Coasters


Puns about coasters are hard.

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This set of four concrete cast coasters comes from a very old branch of a very old weeping beech tree. Fits anything from a shot glass to a soup bowl and everything in between. All four coaster are cut in sequence from the same branch. Clean them with a damp, slightly soapy dish cloth and wipe dry. Do not submerge in water, drop from great heights, or expose to extreme heat (over 200 degrees). Some discoloration may occur from extended use. All coasters are cast individually, so colors may appear different than the ones pictured here.

  • Each coaster is backed with cork so they have a firm footing and won’t scratch your table. 
  • The coasters are slightly uneven and textured so you can feel and see the original branch, but you won’t spill your drink.
  • Every coaster is coated with a non glossy polyurethane so they will be protected from spills and stains.

Additional information

Weight 1.14 lbs
Dimensions 4.25 × 4.25 × 2 in


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